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July 16, 2019 revision

To Honjō/Isesaki
To Shinjuku
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With moving demand for new coronavirus influence decrease, we operate some flights with suspended special diamond.
■... timetable between facing is this on 1/26 Tuesday
Special diamond applying may be changed in a hurry now.
As you tell about the latest information in "service, the suspension situation of each Expressway Bus line" publishing in top page, please confirm in total.

<descent Honjo, Isesaki area> (all day)

Bus name & No.1357※91113※15※
Distance in kilometers
Bus stop / Operation dates note
0Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal7301030134016201740182019502050
10Nerima Station8001100141016501810185020152115
90Bandō Ōhashi‐Kita9191219152918091929200921342234
92Isesaki Residents Plaza9231223153318131933201321382238
93Tokyo University of Social Welfare9261226153618161936201621412241
96Isesaki City Hall9331233154318231943202321482248
98Isesaki Station9411241155118311951203121562256
98APA HOTEL ISESAKIEKI-MINAMI9441244155418341954203421592259
99Wait for Isesaki; corner station Hirose9461246155618361956203622012301
101The Isesaki Municipal Hospital north (Expressway Bus)9511251160118412001204122062306
102Isesaki Auto Race Center9551255160518452005204522102310

※It travels by Gunma Chuo Bus vehicle by trust of management
 7, 13, 15 may travel by vehicle with no toilet

Description of symbols ○Boarding stop / ●Drop-off stop / Free parking available

Click bus stop name to view the map.

<To Shinjuku> (All day)

Bus name & No.2468※10※121416
Distance in kilometers
Bus stop / Operation dates note
102Isesaki Auto Race Center6007008009001030140016001830
101The Isesaki Municipal Hospital north (Expressway Bus)6047048049041034140416041834
99Wait for Isesaki; corner station Hirose6097098099091039140916091839
98APA HOTEL ISESAKIEKI-MINAMI6117118119111041141116111841
98Isesaki Station6147148149141044141416141844
96Isesaki City Hall6227228229221052142216221852
93Tokyo University of Social Welfare6297298299291059142916291859
92Isesaki Residents Plaza6327328329321102143216321902
90Bandō Ōhashi‐Kita6367368369361106143616361906
10Nerima Station75585595510551225155517552025
0Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal825925102511251255162518252055

※It travels by Gunma Chuo Bus vehicle by trust of management
 8, 10 may travel by vehicle with no toilet

Description of symbols ○Boarding stop / ●Drop-off stop / Free parking available

Click bus stop name to view the map.


Unit (Japanese yen)

SectionSingle fare
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, Nerima Station Honjō-Numawada⇔Isesaki Auto Race Center1,680
※Half price for children (rounded up to the nearest JPY 10)
※() ( ) shows the fare when purchased through Expressway Bus Net.
※Otona-no Kyujitsu (Holiday for Adults) Club members will get a 10% discount from the one way fare. The tickets are only available at ticket counters.
Transportation IC cards such as Suica and PASMO are accepted.
・You can pay with an IC card on a bus.
・You can pay the fares for multiple passengers by one IC card.
・You can charge your IC card on a bus (up to JPY 5,000.)

The purchase (inquiry) of ticket

Ticket Information
All seats are reserved. Tickets etc. are to be purchased before boarding.
Passengers are requested to show their tickets on boarding. If you lose or forget your ticket, you are requested to repurchase it.
Click here for details of repurchasing.
Ticket Sales
Tickets go on sale at 10 am one month and one day before the boarding date.

How to purchase a ticket
Expressway Bus Net
・Vacancy check, reservation, and payment (by credit card) can be performed. You can select a seat if you make an online payment by credit card.
・After the Reservation, we can have you receive ticket at convenience store (Lawson, Seven-Eleven, Ministop).
・Suica Internet Payment is accepted.
※When you select to receive a ticket at a convenience store, and Suica Internet Payment, select "Convenience Store Payment, etc." after reservation.
Ticket issued by Family Mart from 6:00 on January 28, 2021 becomes electronic ticket.
We have you display electronic ticket from email to arrive after the payment completion at store, or customer that payment in Family Mart was chosen, please display electronic ticket from quic response cord listed in receipt issued at store.

※Electronic ticket cannot refund at motor carrier window.
  We accept over refund reception desk WEB or telephone (0570-046-046) which WELLNET runs.
  Refund costs desk work fee 500 yen (tax-excluded) other than refund fee separately ※We include suspension refund
●Ticket Counters
・Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
・JR Bus Kanto, Tokyo Station
※Ticket counters at JR Bus Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal accept various credit cards.
・Gunma Chuo Bus Maebashi Office (9:30-16:00 ※ year round)
・Sanko temple bookstore (] that there is in the case of holiday, GW, tray of August, year-end and New Year [temporary closure on Isesaki Station south exit 9:00-18:30 ※ Sunday)
●Convenience Stores
・In Lawson, Ministop, you can purchase reduced fare tickets such as Hayauri other than normal ticket without prior Reservation directly.
Cautions Telephone reservation is not available.

Time Limit to Receive Ticket

Time Limit to Receive Ticket

Reservation DateUp to 3 days before the boarding dateUp to the previous day of boarding dateUp to the boarding date
Time LimitWithin 3 days
including the reservation date
Boarding stop
Up to 60 min. before departure
No reservation possible

Deadline for ticket purchase of ride daily allowance Sun

The purchase pointTicket counterExpressway Bus NetConvenience Stores
Purchase deadlineDeparture timeBoarding stop
Departure time
Bus stop for the first bus
Up to 60 min. before departure


JR Bus Kanto, Expressway Bus Information Center0570-048905 (when 10:00-20:00 is still only inquiry of lost article after 18:00, it becomes.)

※For operation and lost properties, contact the operator.

JR Bus Kanto, Tokyo Office03-5690-2711 (9:30-18:00)

Ticket Refund, Reservation Change

Refund handling fees are shown in the table below.

Ticket typeRefund request dateRefund handling fee
One wayUp to the departure time100 yen
(110 yen close for 1/1 handling)

・Contact JR Bus Ticket Counter for refund. Some types of tickets may not be refunded.
・"Web tickets (paid by a credit card)" via. the Expressway Bus Net can be refunded up to ten minutes before the departure by taking necessary steps on PC or mobile phone. After that, directly contact a ticket counter for any refunds.
・Tickets purchased through convenience stores can be refunded over the phone. (This refunding service is performed by WELLNET.)
Refund request over the phone 0570-046-046
Desk work fee 500 yen (tax-excluded) is necessary for the use of this service other than refund fee separately. Postage charges for sending tickets shall be borne by the customer.

Reservation Change

Ticket typeTicket counterWebsite
One wayOnceThree times

・Reservation can be changed without handling fee only once if it is requested before use and within the valid time (if you come to the bus ticket counter before departure of the bus.) Please note any tickets after departure cannot be refunded. For the second change, please buy a new ticket after refund. At that time, refund handling fee is required.
・Tickets paid by a credit card via. the Expressway Bus Net can be changed up to ten minutes before departure by taking necessary steps on PC or mobile phone. (No handling fee is required for changes up to 3 times.)
※"Hayauri," "Tokutokuwari" and other discount tickets cannot be changed at ticket counters. For any changes, they have to be refunded and repurchased.

Use vehicle

・High Decker 4-Row Seats
※Vehicle types may be different.

Discount information

There are free parking lots at "Isesaki Residents Plaza," "Isesaki City Hall," "Isesaki Municipal Hospital Kita (Expressway Bus)," and "Isesaki Auto Race Center."
※You can use one of them as long as there is space available.