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March 1, 2017 revision

To Chiryu/Kariya/Chita Handa
To Tokyo
TimetableDescentThe up
Fare table top

Timetable from December 21, 2018 is this

<descent Chiryu, Kariya, Chitahanda area> (all day)

Bus name & No.13
Distance in kilometers
Bus stop / Operation dates note
9Shin-kiba Station2240
0Tōkyō Station Yaesu South Exit17402320
27Tomei Eda18132359
Ashigara SA(break)1903
Hamanako SA(break)2113
Mikkabi IC(change)2128
332Chiryu Station Kita (LIRIO Hall)2218500
336Kariya Station South Exit2233515
339Aeon Higashiura2243525
349Otsukawa Nishinomiya2303545
350Handa City Hall2310550
352Chita Handa Station2318555
FacilitiesWomen-only seat

◆Operating on Fri, Sat, Sun, Holi.

★Thur - Sunday and November 21 driving

Description of symbols ○Boarding stop / ●Drop-off stop

Click bus stop name to view the map.

<up Tokyo area> (all day)

Bus name & No.24
Distance in kilometers
Bus stop / Operation dates note
352Chita Handa Station6102250
350Handa City Hall6152255
349Otsukawa Nishinomiya6202300
339Aeon Higashiura6422322
336Kariya Station South Exit6572333
332Chiryu Station Kita (LIRIO Hall)7172350
Akatsuka PA(break)||035
Mikkabi IC(change)812
Hamanako SA(break)822
Ashigara SA(break)1017
27Tomei Eda1127447
3Kasumigaseki Station1202511
0Tōkyō Station Nihombashi Exit1214520
9Shin-kiba Station550
FacilitiesWomen-only seat

▲Saturday, Sunday and Monday and November 23 driving

■We drive on Monday and November 22 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Description of symbols ○Boarding stop / ●Drop-off stop

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Unit (Japanese yen)

SectionOne wayAdvantageous percent
Shin-kiba Station
Tokyo Station
Tomei Eda
Chiryu Station Kita (LIRIO Hall)4,950
Kariya Station South Exit5,050
Aeon Higashiura - Ariwaki5,150
Ōikecho - Chita Handa Station5,250
※Half price for children (rounded up to the nearest JPY 10)
※Limit has "advantageous percent" at the number of seats and Seat position.
※Advantageous percent Fares is not applied when we do not choose "advantageous percent" when it is Expressway Bus net and wants "advantageous percent".

Transit> to <Tokyu Denentoshi Line
Expressway Bus transfers to Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line (only to inbound buses) in Shutoko Yoga PA.
Please purchase a transfer ticket from Yoga Station to Shibuya Station (JPY 100 for adult only) from the driver.
※When Yoga PA cannot penetrate from the left gate of ① Metropolitan expressway Yoga tollgate or when they are judged when it is congestion, and ② Yoga PA facility cannot find security, they, please note that it should be the passage.

The purchase (inquiry) of ticket 

Ticket Information
All seats are reserved. Tickets etc. are to be purchased before boarding.
Passengers are requested to show their tickets on boarding. If you lose or forget your ticket, you are requested to repurchase it.
Click here for details of repurchasing.

Ticket Sales

One Way Ticket
Tickets go on sale at 10 am one month and one day before the boarding date.
[round-trip ticket]
(validity) seven days: To Sun which went, and increased 7th from ride Sun.
(Sales date) Outward ticket : Tickets go on sale at 10 am one month and one day before the boarding date.
     Return ticket : Tickets go on sale on the same day as the outward ticket.
     Example) [we go ride day and, on August 10, are hatched on August 16] → 【Sales start date: July 9】
Therefore, in the case of one-way ticket request, please already note that you may become full in the point of release start.
How to purchase a ticket
Expressway Bus Net
・Vacancy check, reservation, and payment (by credit card) can be performed. You can select a seat if you make an online payment by credit card.
・After the Reservation, we can have you receive ticket at convenience store (Lawson, Family Mart, Seven-Eleven, Ministop).
・Suica Internet Payment is accepted.
※When you select to receive a ticket at a convenience store, and Suica Internet Payment, select "Convenience Store Payment, etc." after reservation.
●The ticket section of JR Bus
・JR Bus Kanto, Tokyo Station
※Tokyo Station Office accepts credit cards.
●Convenience Stores
In Lawson, Ministop, you can purchase reduced fare tickets such as Hayauri other than normal ticket without prior Reservation directly.
●Telephone Reservation

JR Bus Kanto 03-3844-0495 (from 10:00 to 18:00)

※In the case of receipt, please report with "Convenience Store payment" at convenience store (Lawson, Family Mart, Ministop).

Time Limit to Receive Ticket

Time Limit to Receive Ticket

Reservation DateUp to 3 days before the boarding dateUp to the previous day of boarding dateUp to the boarding date
Time LimitWithin 3 days
including the reservation date
Boarding stop
Up to 60 min. before departure
No reservation possible

Deadline for ticket purchase of ride daily allowance Sun

Purchase pointTicket counterExpressway Bus NetConvenience Stores
Purchase deadlineDeparture timeBoarding stop
Departure time
Bus stop for the first bus
Up to 60 min. before departure


JR Bus Kanto, Expressway Bus Information Center 03-3844-1950 (from 10:00 to 22:00)

※Please refer to Operator for the service situation, thing left behind.

JR Bus Kanto, Tokyo Office 03-5690-2711 (from 9:30 to 18:00)

Ticket Refund, Reservation Change

Refund handling fees are shown in the table below.

Ticket typeRefund request dateRefund handling fee
One wayUp to the departure time100 yen

・Contact JR Bus Ticket Counter for refund. Some types of tickets may not be refunded.
・"Web tickets (paid by a credit card)" via. the Expressway Bus Net can be refunded up to ten minutes before the departure by taking necessary steps on PC or mobile phone. After that, directly contact a ticket counter for any refunds.
・Tickets purchased through convenience stores can be refunded over the phone. (This refunding service is performed by WELLNET.)
Refund request over the phone 0570-046-046
Administration fee of JPY 540 in addition to the refund handling fee is required. Postage charges for sending tickets shall be borne by the customer.

Reservation Change

Ticket typeTicket counterWebsite
One wayOnceThree times

・Reservation can be changed without handling fee only once if it is requested before use and within the valid time (if you come to the bus ticket counter before departure of the bus.) Please note any tickets after departure cannot be refunded. For the second change, please buy a new ticket after refund. At that time, refund handling fee is required.
・Tickets paid by a credit card via. the Expressway Bus Net can be changed up to ten minutes before departure by taking necessary steps on PC or mobile phone. (No handling fee is required for changes up to 3 times.)
※"Hayauri," "Tokutokuwari" and other discount tickets cannot be changed at ticket counters. For any changes, they have to be refunded and repurchased.

Use vehicle 

・High Decker 4-Row Seats
※Vehicle types may be different.